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Perfect online classifieds to find stuffs to buy and sell near your locations. Keep connected with you sellers and buyers with instant chat.
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Buy and sell script to commence your Online classifieds business

Online classifieds is now one among the popular business which brings more revenue when it's launched and reached among the right demanding users, you can reach greater level in this buy and sell medium. We would have came across many statistics results on the drastic revenue change in the eCommerce from online classifieds business type. Here i would like to share some of my ideas or what are the ways to fine tune your existing online classifieds website or to launch your brand new website.

The basic concept of an online classifieds ads website is to allow sellers or merchants to place their ads on sale or services to be afforded by them. In this buy and sell medium a vendor can post a ‘for sale’ ad on brand new, refurbished and used product. So your classified website must have the “Product condition” feature with its listed location.

You can also play with your innovative ideas to implement the joysale script with industries like Art and crafts to showcase the beautiful and valuable collection you like to sell. Feature like Auction can be integrated to avail auction price quotes between the buyers to get a better price value for the intricate works. Even classifieds websites can be implemented to launch an exclusive website on collectibles like coins, historic stuffs, rare collections, antiques and books with features like bit to buy,wantlist or wish list. This would attract the crazy art lovers and collectors to meet at one stop or platform to buy whatever collectibles they fascinate.

‘Exchange to buy’ option will also work out with any type of buy and sell website either it could be an artistic,collectibles or an usual online classified website. So being an admin of online classifieds ad website you can earn money on featured ads, urgent ads, recommended ads, exclusive dynamic ads moving all around the website, commission on each transaction into the system


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Come and join Gigs45Bucks
The Brand New fiverr Alternative where people can advertise micro jobs they will do for $5 to $1000. More and more people are choosing to become self-employed and doing freelance work is becoming increasingly popular. Gigs45Bucks provides a way of bringing freelancers, or micro-workers, and their potential clients together, hence helping both the micbs in lieu for money. However, Gigs45Bucks does not block the account of the users as has been reported by the users of the other site. These are basically sites where people buy and sell units of work but do not involve huge amounts of money. There is no amount of money involved in advertising these services and there is also no bar in posting multipro-job worker earn cash and the client being fully satisfied with the workers finished product.

People with any sort of skill can use this site to tell the world what they are good at and people who are looking for service providers can contact these people to utilize their services.

Now many would say that this can be done by simply advertising and responding to advertisements... then why do we need this site. The simple reason behind it is that this site helps people to advertise their services for free. This site allows you to exhibition your talent in a way so that it can be helpful to others.

Gigs45Bucks is just like Fiverr. The latter site also helps talented people to highlight their strong points and seek some jole gigs.

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