What do you suggest?

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World 2 used to be vacant, b4 bot nuke anyway... Not 1 frikkin individual anywhere in God. . I began cursing the people on sals who advised me that I would not get a free world. With bot nuke, I'm guessing a free universe would be easier to OSRS gold find. But get 70 pray for peity first. Consp gave me a much higher ABSOLUTE MIN!! , for moving at a 5-6 man team, so idk rlly. . He prolly only likes u, or hates me.

There is a differnce, this guys wants to kill him to get pleasure you wanted to kill him for money. Bandos has seen that a price rise lately so activity at gwds will of increased. Seriously? I voiced the fact tht all I wanted was that the experience of having killed a top lvl boss. I said a 1000 days tht all I wanted was pleasure, not cash. . And tht any drops we got would be just a little bonus. That is the reason why I just wanted stats that could let me survive the sergents.

There is a high chance of dying in the event that you use the stats I suggested within this topic. The stats on your topic are secure ones. 80/80/80 is unlikely to die unless you're trying to brew spam while your like 300lps. Just tele if you're stressed. I believe minimal is similar to 75/75/75 with 70 prayer in addition to a tort? That will probably net you .75-1 kill, depending on chance. Use a whip, not a godsword, get lent a bgs for your spec and expect you reach blessed, because Graardor has good def.

What do you suggest? Well if your looking to stay there a fantastic period of time and AFK Guthan's armor is a pretty good option. The special effect of the full set makes it easier to AFK there without dying and the stats such as Guthans armor are pretty good as well. The only downside is the armor (along with ever other Barrows armor) is degradable.

Isn't that largely for Cheap RS gold defense training however? I'll keep this in mind later but does anybody have some power recommendations? Have u thought on taking some armour their then when u low on health heal up and place your other amour again if so I recomend just a chest and d legs or somthing idk.