Tips to Level Up QUICK in League Of Legends 2020

It has broken records, and many esports fans are now looking for tips on how to get better at this game and level up faster.


League of Legends is one of the best esports on the planet. It has broken records, and many esports fans are now looking for tips on how to get better at this game and level up faster. The game is fun to play, but not easy to play everyone. For beginners who have never played anything familiar with the MOBA genre, the game is hard to play. In this guide, we will be talking about some of the basic mechanics of the game that will help you get used to League of Legends exciting gameplay as quickly as possible.

You may have heard that you need to be at level 30 or above to be able to play ranked games. Getting to level 30 is not easy. It can take a regular player for more than a month to get to level 30. If you are looking for ways to get to level 30 faster, you can buy lol account from Smurfmania they have the best league of legends accounts for sale. These accounts are leveled up using exclusive methods to make sure they don’t get banned. All Smurfmania League of Legends accounts for sale are above level 30, and you can start playing ranked games immediately after getting your account.

If you don’t want to spend money to get to level 30 faster, there are many other things that you can try. The only drawback is that they are not as quick as buying an account. It might take you at least two weeks to get to level 30 using the following methods. Even if you prefer getting a leveled up LoL account from a seller, going through these tips will equip you with the skills and expertise that you need to play ranked games.

Why Level up Fast in the First Place?

On one side, the level system is an ingenious way to prevent a player from getting overwhelmed by the game mechanics. On the other hand, you pretty much have to gain levels without access to summoner skills and runes that other players on the opposing team may already have. That’s not even including the climb to level 30 that gives you access to ranked queue.

Beyond level 30, there are two good reasons why you’d want to keep leveling up fast: gemstones and capsules. Gemstones allow you to unlock rare or exclusive content such as hextech skins and masterwork chests. Capsules give you champion and skin shards that can be dissolved into essence, which are essential for Hextech Crafting and unlocking skin or champion permanents.

How to level up fast in League of Legends

Common Methods Grind for XP Faster

Regardless of which approach to leveling you take, the following rules apply:

You gain more exp if you win games

Experience purely time-based; getting objectives or more kills do not affect experience gain.

For a game to yield experience points regardless of winning or losing, it must last for at least 7 minutes.

Using duration boosts doubles the amount of experience you gained.

Using win boosts adds a flat 210 experience on top of whatever experience you got after the game.

Both types of boosts can be active at the same time, but the duration boost will multiply your experience BEFORE you get the extra 210 XP from the win boost.

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