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introducing Fuse theme v1.8.5 for wowonder v2.3.2


introducing Fuse theme v1.8.5 for wowonder v2.3.2
new code and new design with best options and best control
Fuse v1.8.5 released with tones of new add-ons
*New design for home page
*5 Welcome pages with admin control
*3 left menus with High-quality design
*New post card with User Badges
* New instagarm Time-line will help you to get more Followers to Your instagarm account
( You can add Your instagarm account from admin panel )
* New twitter account trends will help you To fetch Last trends in your twitter account and get more Followers too
( You can add Your twitter account from admin panel )
* New left Widget line updated for new add-ons
* New sidebar design by time-line listed
* New Apps download section
* New Color Post Patterns ( linear gradient colors like facebook )
* New Icons compatible with night mod
* New Full Design For Night mode
* New map for google adsens
************ And more ************
Buy now By New price 38$ paypal and get 3 months update free ( Fuse Updated Every 15 day from each month )
Official Page to For Fuse theme

Official Demo Page For Fuse theme
Usename: fuse200
password: fuse123

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Price $39 (USD)
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